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Chimney Sweep/Contractor: U.S. Chimney


U.S. Chimney Corp.

U.S. Chimney Corp.

Trade Name: US Chimney
Website: http://www.uschimney.com
Address: 168 Bellmore Rd. • East Meadow, NY 11554
Phone: (866) 446-8200
Fax: (516) 731-0112
Hours of Operation: Operator there 24 hours (unsure of work hours)
License #: Registered with NJ & NY State Dept of Consumer Affairs Corp ID# 80-0074726
BBB Record
Staff I’ve worked with: Steve

Work Performed (link):

  • Removal of 75% obstruction found in chimney (mortar from previous owner’s renovation). This required removing part of a wall, the damage to the wall was minor — instead of knocking out the wall material, they cut only a beveled square out to reduce repair costs.
  • Installed new maintenance free steel flue piping (GC used to renovate the building knocked out sections of the flue which were never replaced).
  • Sealed with chimney cement the connections leading from the boilers to the chimney.
  • Isolated all work areas with drop cloth and paper to minimize the spread of airborne debris and other particles.