Update! Appliance Research: Chest Freezers
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The decision (and purchase) has been made! In an earlier post (“Appliance Upgrade Research: Chest Freezers”), I checked to see if the chest freezers listed on the EnergyStar site were still offered by each of the manufacturers

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Appliance Research: Choosing a Low Ion/Ozone Room Air Purifier

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Appliance Research: Choosing a Low Ion/Ozone Room Air Purifier

Air Filters and Purifiers for Urban Apartments:

Why use a no ozone or Ion air purifier? A fairly extensive U.S. Environmental Protection Agency report titled “Ozone Generators that are Sold as Air Cleaners” delves into the details of what Ozone is, how Ozone is harmful and  potential health effects of ozone.

In addition to the EPA, the California Environmental Protection Agency: Air Resources Board has recognized the potential harm ozone/ion based air purifiers and set up a certification process for indoor air cleaning devices. Two different classifications are used: Mechanical (which use physical filtration and do not generate ozone) and “Other” (devices that produce ozone concentrations of less than 0.050 parts per million)

I went with a reconditioned BlueAir 501R (refurbished) for high traffic areas and an AirFree Onix 3000 for the finished basement. For now, the table of “Finalists” is below:

Blue Air 601/603 Blue Air 501/503 Honeywell Enviracaire True HEPA Air Purifier 50250 Hunter QuietFlo 30401 Hunter QuietFlo HEPA Air Purifier 30525
Dust CADR >400 377 250 260 272
Smoke CADR 438 388 250 260 263
Pollen CADR >450 378 250 245 275
Room Size SQ/FT 590 620 390 403 403
Meets Ozone Limits (50 ppb) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unit Price $600.00 $500.00 $200.00 $266.00 $260.00
Filter Price $75.00 $75.00 $18.00 N/A $50.00
California Certified Air Cleaning Device No No Yes No Yes
Emits Ozone? No No No No N/A
Consumer Reports rating 46 45 45 44 N/A
Energy Star Rated Yes Yes No No Yes

The products in the list above have been narrowed down from the following lists:
EnergyStar Room Air Cleaners for Consumers
Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM)
California Certified Air Cleaning Devices

* Note that the difference between the 501/503 and the 601/603 are that the 03 models have a digital display.

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