Update! Appliance Research: Chest Freezers
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The decision (and purchase) has been made! In an earlier post (“Appliance Upgrade Research: Chest Freezers”), I checked to see if the chest freezers listed on the EnergyStar site were still offered by each of the manufacturers

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Dept. of Sanitation takes trash, misses recycling

Submitted by on January 17, 2006 – 11:31 am5 Comments

For the second time in as many weeks I’ve had to file an online complaint with the Dept of sanitation. I thought two bags consisting of nothing else but shredded paper, a bag full of plastics and a bundle of cardboard placed curbside would’ve given them some indication that these materials were ready for pickup…

On an unrelated note, it looks like more small time landlords are starting up blogs to detail their experiences – the latest: That Poor Landlord and Real Estate 101 – both hailing from Canada.

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  • Niffly Niffingtons says:

    GRRRRR…you’d think madatory recycling would be handled better….

  • Thurmus says:

    Landlords can be fined in NYC if their tenants don’t separate their trash (of course, in a well written lease, those expenses could be passed to the offenting tenant) – I wonder if service would improve if NYC was just as liable for not picking up the sorted materials…

  • Niffly Niffingtons says:

    I’m not sure….and I think landlords are only liable for glass and perhaps metal. I don’t think you *have* to sort cardboard, etc, but I do it anyhow because it’s good for the enviroment….if they actually PICK IT UP! it’s two weeks running now. Is there someone else we can call?

  • Thurmus says:

    The operators at 311 will only fill out the same form and I’m not certain, but I would imagine a call to the sanitation dept would also ask for the same information & file it under “don’t pick up recycling for this street for another 2 weeks.”

  • Niffly Niffingtons says:

    Ha ah ha ha…the pile is really adding up. See how hard it is to be environmentally friendly in this city?